Save Money — Without Sacrificing Your Social Life!
Save Money — Without Sacrificing Your Social Life!

Wanting to save money, but spending time with your friends can sometimes feel like a tricky combination. There are many ways to save some money while still having fun!

How to Save Money While Having Fun

We get it; you want to have fun and save your money. It may seem like a challenge, but we have some ideas that can help you to maintain your relationships while keeping your money in the credit union.

Don’t Order an Entree

Many social events revolve around food. Restaurants can be really expensive with food and drinks, but don’t let that hold you back. Instead of getting big plates of food, opt for appetizers. Appetizers are usually less expensive — by 20% — and are large enough for one person because they are typically created for at least two.


If you are interested in an event, see if you can sign up as a volunteer! When you volunteer, you get to work behind the scenes and sometimes you get swag! If you can convince your friends to do the same thing, everyone will be doing a service while enjoying something you really wanted to attend, without the big price tag.

Reloadable Debit and Gift Cards

Reloadable Debit cards are excellent if you don’t qualify for a VISA card, are looking for more financial independence, or a convenient alternative to Travelers Checks. You can make purchases everywhere VISA is accepted, withdraw cash at any VISA, Plus, and Interlink network ATM, and best of all it is reloadable. We offer VISA Reloadable Debit cards and gift cards to fit your needs.

Save Money with DEXSTA

You can still have fun without breaking the bank. At DEXSTA, we want you achieve your financial goals by helping you save money. To learn more about saving money, please contact us.

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