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Save and access your funds easily with DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. From loans to online banking,
we have solutions suited to your busy lifestyle.

Loans<br>& Credit

& Credit

Auto, personal, home, private education
Checking &<br>Share Draft

Checking &
Share Draft

Kasasa - Free checking, savings and share
Savings &<br>Share Account

Savings &
Share Account

A wide variety of savings options available
Credit Card<br>Access

Credit Card

Log in, make payments, check statements

We have a loan for you

We offer auto, personal, home, and private education loans with competitive
rates designed to meet your individual needs.

Online Banking

Access your accounts comfortably from home with our online services.

  1. Secure and fast

    Log in, manage your money, and log off

  2. Tax Ready

    Keeping your finances organized digitally for tax season has never been easier.

  3. Apply for e-statements

    No more waiting for mail delivery. Go paperless and receive your e-statement on the first of each month.
    sign up.

  4. Opt-out easily

    You can opt out if you decide to switch back to paper statement delivery. Just select e-Statement not enabled in your e-Statement Preferences and you will be switched back to paper statements.

Community News

Our community matters. Receive financial tips on everything from budgeting to loans and read up on true stories from local union members.

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How Much Should I Put in an Emergency Fund?
7.18 2018
How Much Should I Put in an Emergency Fund?

When emergencies happen, your financial stability is shaken up. Events like illness, accidents, losing a job, a hom...

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Save Money — Without Sacrificing Your Social Life!
7.11 2018
Save Money — Without Sacrificing Your Social Life!

Wanting to save money, but spending time with your friends can sometimes feel like a tricky combination. There are ...

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How Can I Lower Debt?
7.04 2018
How Can I Lower Debt?

When you fall back on your payments, debt can feel like a sinking feeling. Whether you missed one payment or months...

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