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On the go? Can’t stop by a branch? If you are a current home banking user, and your mobile phone or other device will send and receive text messages, chances are you can DEXtext. DEXtext from DEXSTA lets you use your cell phone or mobile device to connect to your accounts through SMS text messaging. You can make quick balance inquiries, view account histories, make account transfers and make loan payments including mortgage loan payments. Here are a few of the transactions you can do with DEXtext, with their corresponding commands:


Command Description
  B   Balances in your account
  H   Response displays five most recent transactions for all accounts.
  H Acct   Response displays 5 most recent transactions for a specified share or loan account.
  Help   Response displays a list of available commands.
  STOP   Deactivates SMS mobile banking.




DEXdeposit, DEXSTA’s newest service is now available to Members of DEXSTA. With DEXdeposit, members will enjoy the convenience of making a deposit into their savings or checking account from their mobile device via our mobile app. Making a deposit will be as easy as snapping a picture on your mobile device. The service is safe, secure and free. The process involves receiving the check image into our system where our staff will verify the check, once accepted or rejected the member will be notified via email within two business days. For reference we have our funds availability link included in the email the member receives confirming the status of the deposit. When an item is rejected it will create a note on the member’s account including the reason why the item was not able to be processed. To be eligible for DEXdeposit, members must have signed up for home banking and mobile banking. In addition, the account must be opened for at least 90 days, had no negative account balances. All check deposits made through DEXdeposit will be subject to a two day hold for availability.


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