What our members are saying.

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Deborah S.
Member Since 2005
When I needed to have access to my paycheck immediately instead of the two-day hold, I was given access right away. The tellers are always very helpful and courteous.

Nancy W.
Member Since 1996
DEXSTA has helped me by providing me with a credit card that I use for my small business. We use this credit card every day and the bonus points really ad up. About once a year, there are enough points for airfare and hotel for us to attend an educational tax seminar in Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas, we have enjoyed excellent meals and seen such famous shows as Penn & Teller and Jersey Boys. A few months ago, while there we visited the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop that is featured on Pawn Stars on The History Channel. If it weren't for DEXSTA, we probably wouldn't leave town.

Lisa M
Member Since 2009
I am with DEXSTA because it is a credit union and my mother had an account here. I also like DEXSTA because the customer service is there weather you are in the branch or on the phone.

Edward W.
Member Since 2010
I decided to go back to school and get a career as opposed to the dead end jobs I've been interchanging. As great as this idea seemed, I had not considered the financial obligation that would follow this decision. DEXSTA supported me with an educational loan with manageable monthly payments and a low interest rate. I now feel on route to a rewarding career.

Leslie A.
Member Since 2011
I'm new to the credit union. I was referred to DEXSTA by a friend. Everyone at DEXSTA I have met has been very friendly.

Clarence M.
Member Since 2002
DEXSTA has the most professional employees in the area; they are all very polite and very helpful. It is a real pleasure to deal with them.

Elaina F
Member Since 1997
DEXSTA's low interest rates have helped us afford a new car after 14 years. No fees on checking and savings accounts, saves a lot. My kids are learning to save, especially enjoying the coin machine. They like to see how much they have saved. Friendly employees at the Prices Corner branch. They are quick and pleasant.

Michelle P.
Member Since 1992
I feel that DEXSTA FCU is a fabulous place to be a member. I love all the benefits that are offered to members. Every time I call and speak to an employee, he or she always takes the time to answer my questions. I also enjoy the ease of online banking. I also think that it's wonderful when they have the auto sales and shred events. It's great there is a Middletown branch now.

Louis P.
Member Since 1985
DEXSTA has been a supportive credit union for the past 32 years. I have made the most amount of interest in the past with DEXSTA and they have the best non-repressive credit cards which I have had too. DEXSTA is all about the member.

Brenda R.
Member Since 2010
Fast service with a smile. No slips. No charge for the coin machine. Friendly tellers.

Carol M.
Member Since 1999
I love DEXSTA! When I come in everyone knows me by my name not a number. I always feel comfortable talking to both the member service representative and management. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I constantly recommend the CU to my friends.

Marie G.
Member Since 2000
I have increased my visits to DEXSTA over the last few months because of your opening the Middletown Branch. I had a business obligation and found it helpful to send a bank check from your institution. It helps keep track in the event there were problems. Your Middletown Staff advised me of programs for my small business and I plan to open an account for it. I look for future opportunities to continue our relationship.

John F.
Member Since 1986
I love my credit union. I visit multiple times per week. The staff is always very helpful. Thank you to my DEXSTA.

Darlyn G.
Member Since 2004
I love my credit union being right here at the Ex Station. I have gotten a home equity loan and always love that I can get a check for my nieces and nephews for different occasions.

Greg P.
Member Since 2004
DEXSTA Federal Credit Union has been so dependable for me in so many ways. They provide a comfort and stability for every avenue of loans, savings and friendly service. I don't know where I would be without DEXSTA. Thank you!

Kerry H.
Member Since 2002
I love my credit union! Everyone is so Friendly and the service is great! I wouldn't think of banking anywhere else.