e-Statements through Online Banking

Log in to Online Banking

Follow these simple instructions:
  1. Log in to Online Banking and Select e-Statements from the Main Menu.

  2. Click on e-Statement Preferences

            There are no e-Statements currently
                available for this account.
                    e-Statement Preferences
        (click here)

  3. Modify e-Statement Preferences:

    Select Statement Type
      from drop down menu.
    e-Statements not enabled
    e-Statements only

    Please choose:
    Notify by e-mail
    No e-mail notifications

    Provide e-mail address or change e-mail address.

    Hit continue to confirm changes.

        Your e-Statement preference changes have been completed.

    Click on Previous menu to continue for statement retrieval.

  4. Select Last e-Statement for current statement or e-Statement List for past statements.

Log in to Online Banking and get started today.