How Safe is Online Banking?
How Safe is Online Banking?

One of the most common questions that we get from our clients is whether or not banking online is safe. That’s why we strive to ensure that online banking in Delaware at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union is as secure as possible.

The Rise of Online Banking

According to, 62% of Americans report digital banking as their primary banking method. Online banking is becoming increasingly appealing thanks to two big perks: online banking is accessible 24/7 from your computer or phone and using e-billing eliminates the pounds of paper bills mailed to your house every year. The second advantage can actually make online banking more secure than traditional banking since bills often list your account number, credit card number, and other information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Security Through Technology

Between Facebook, Amazon, and even paying medical bills, it’s almost impossible for people today to avoid sharing personal data online. In fact, U.S. News states that using the web to bank is as safe or safer than visiting brick-and-mortar locations—as long as consumers take necessary precautions and are aware of what to do if they notice any suspicious activity.

Ultimately, online banking is safe when secure financial technology on the back end of a website is met with alert, thoughtful consumers using the site’s front end. At DEXSTA, we’ve done our due diligence to ensure that our site is safe with a secure URL. This guarantees encryption, data integrity, and authentication. Encrypting the exchanged data keeps our site secure from any potential “eavesdroppers.” That means that when a user is browsing our website, no one can track their activities across pages or steal their information. Secure URLs also ensure that data can’t be corrupted or modified during transfer without being detected. A secure URL also protects against man-in-the-middle cyber attacks.

Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

As an account holder at DEXSTA, you can play an important part in making sure that your financial information is as safe as possible.

The most important thing you can do is update your password. A strong password should have at least two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, two numbers, and two symbols. Some experts suggest taking the extra step of starting with a sentence and combining word segments to create your password. Whichever method you choose, you should always use a unique password for your online banking that you don’t use for anything else, like your email or Twitter account.

Another easy way to keep your information safe is to skip public Wi-Fi for banking. On a public network, you can’t be sure who sees what you send online unless the pages you visit are encrypted like DEXSTA’s site. If you have to log in to any other financial sites while away from home, you should use your cellular data plan instead of public Wi-Fi. However you decide to log in, you should always double-check for web page encryption by making sure the address on your browser starts with “https”—that “s” is what proves that the page is truly secure.

Online Banking in Delaware with DEXSTA

Online banking in Delaware at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union is safe to use thanks to its encrypted status and industry-standard security measures. At DEXSTA Federal Credit Union, we believe in the power of community. As a not-for-profit organization that exists to serve our members, we provide our members banking in Delaware with a safe place to save and borrow at fair, honest rates. Please contact our team to learn more about the security of online banking or to set up your account.

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