April is National Credit Union Youth Month – Here’s What You’ll Get!
April is National Credit Union Youth Month – Here’s What You’ll Get!

April is National Credit Union Youth Month. Put on by the Credit Union National Association, the goal of the program is to help children between the ages of 6-18 start saving for their future. As you can imagine, this is something DEXSTA Federal Credit Union in Delaware actively supports. The earlier children start saving and learning about money, the more likely they are to become financially independent as adults.

Even the smallest amount of money makes a difference. If a child deposits all of their birthday and holiday money into a savings account from a young age, they’ll be able to see it grow and accrue as they get older. By the time they graduate high school, those small deposits will have amounted to something much more substantial. Possibly even enough to purchase a car or invest in their education.

That’s what National Credit Union Youth Month is all about: Getting started. Because watching your money grow is a valuable lesson in saving. Especially for children. That’s why DEXSTA Federal Credit Union offers perks and benefits to the children in our community. If you live, work, worship, volunteer, or attend school in New Castle or Kent Counties in Delaware or Cecil County in Maryland, here’s everything you need to get started.

Join DEXSTA Federal Credit Union in Delaware During National Credit Union Youth Month

Stop by one of our branches during the month of April to set up a youth savings account for your child. As a thank you, your child will receive a welcome gift and be able to pick out a prize from our treasure chest. But that’s only the beginning of a lifetime of benefits they’ll receive throughout the lifetime of their account.

Savings Accounts for Six-Year-Olds (and Up!)

Children ages 6-12 will receive a prize from our treasure chest every time they deposit money into their account. It’s like a little consolation prize for saving—not spending—their money. They’ll even get a movie punchcard. Every time your child makes a deposit, they’ll receive a punch on their card. After seven punches, they’ll receive a free trip to the movies! Not to mention, we are always running contests featuring opportunities for your child to earn more and save more.

Savings Accounts for Teenagers

Teenagers between the ages of 13-17 also have the opportunity to start and grow their savings accounts. Open a teen savings account at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union in Delaware and your teenager will receive $20 for every eight deposits they make into their account. They’ll also have access to our Guides to Money program so they can learn more about setting themselves up for financial success.

If you want to start a savings account for your child or teenager, this is the month. Stop by DEXSTA Federal Credit Union to receive your free gift and welcome package. We look forward to setting your child up for success.

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