Financial To Dos Before You Travel
Financial To Dos Before You Travel

Planning your vacation is fun — from researching the best flight deals to finding the perfect Airbnb! All of this vacation planning can make it easy to forget to take care of your finances while you’re away. Creating a financial to-do list can help you keep everything in order while you’re globetrotting. We have some tips for you to avoid financial disaster and overspending during your next trip.


Before leaving, calculate your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals that will happen while you are away. For many accounts, such as credit cards, car loans, and mortgages, you can set up automatic payments. This will help you steer clear of late fees or suspended services.

Take Account of Your Credit Cards

While you are planning your getaway, decide which debit and credit cards you want to use — and let your bank know, too. Contact your bank to let them know where you’re headed and for how long. That way your cards do not get flagged for fraud. Always leave a credit card back home, just in case you do need to get your cards replaced, you will still have something to use while they arrive in the mail.

When you are traveling, make sure to bring your travel credit card — you know the one with the travel rewards. Our DEXSTA Visa Platinum Rewards card offers travel rewards without balance transfer fees, over-the-limit fees, annual fees, or cash advance fees. We even offer an introductory rate of 2.99% for the first 12-months.

Use Travel Budget Tools

Prepaid cards are a smart way to avoid buyers remorse. Prepaid cards have a set amount which will help you manage your funds. Creating a budget for your traveling expenses will help you keep your financial life in order. Thanks to technology, now there are different apps available to help you track your expenses.

At DEXSTA, we offer reloadable debit cards, which can help you with your budget. You can put up to $5,000 on a reloadable debit card and add more funds from your DEXSTA savings or checking account online.

Get Travelers Insurance

Travel insurance can save the financial day — it can cover medical expenses, theft, canceled trips, and travel inconveniences. Understand your auto insurance if you plan to rent a car and reach out to your healthcare provider. Ask your providers about healthcare and emergency healthcare coverage while you’re away from home.

If you are interested in traveling, stop by one of our branches — you can even apply right on our website — to apply for our credit cards or pick up a reloadable debit card, we can also talk to you about how to prepare for your next trip!

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