Private Education Loans

Alumni Advantage Refinance Loan

Paying off your loans – with a little help from a friend

You earned your degree and now you just want your student loans paid off, right? That’s where our Alumni Advantage Loan comes in. A lot of graduates refinance their student loans with us to help them get out of debt faster, make their payments more manageable – or both.


What is “Refinancing?”

“Refinancing” simply means you take out a new loan – with a better interest rate (and maybe even a better repayment term) – to replace your old student loans. It doesn’t matter if you have federal loans, private loans or both. A DEXSTA Alumni Advantage Loan lets you refinance them all.

End result? You’ll have just one easy-to-remember payment each month. To top it off, you may be able to save money – sometimes, a lot of money – so refinancing is definitely an option you’ll want to check out.

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Undergraduate & Graduate Private Education Loan

Go to the college of your dreams without being burdened by student debt

At DEXSTA, we do more than help you get a loan to pay for college. We help you borrow responsibly. It all comes down to doing what’s right for you, like helping you get the right size loan. We’ll help you figure out exactly how much you need so you can avoid big debt regret. And we’ll be here for you through graduation and beyond. Think of us as your go-to resource for financial guidance, tools and options that can help you connect smart money choices with your college dreams.

Our low APR lets you focus on your GPA

If you’ve tapped out your federal loan options but still need money to cover college expenses, we’re here for you! We offer competitive rates to help you be smart about financing your college education:

  • 15-year Undergraduate private education loan: Variable Rate as low as 7.25% APR.*
  • 15-year graduate private education loan: Variable Rate as low as 7.25% APR.*

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K-12 Private Education Loan

Let DEXSTA Federal Credit Union help you with the high cost of education. The DEXSTA Federal Credit Union K-12 loan is for parents of a child attending a private educational institution. This loan:

  • Covers costs at private kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools including those with preparatory, military, boarding, parochial and Montessori programs.
  • Is a 15-year loan.
  • Is offered at a variable rate as low as 9.50% APR.*

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