Parents keep out!

Tired of plain, old lollypops? If you are 6 to 12 and want to save your money for your future, you are smart! You are even smarter by joining DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. We've got the BEST youth savings program in town!

As a member of our Bill & Penny club, you will:
  • Receive a free prize every time you deposit money. We've got a treasure chest full of fun awards every time you visit any of our branches.
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter, the Bill & Penny Press, containing educational economic articles that are interesting and easy to understand;
  • Participate in contests for great prizes;
  • Movie Punch Card Program - Make seven deposits in your Bill & Penny Savings Account, and you'll receive a free movie pass.
  • Download Bill & Penny Brochure

This is DEXSTA Federal Credit Union's way of introducing the many benefits of what a credit union is all about! Join the fun today! Save all your bills and pennies at DEXSTA!

Click here for DEXSTA's own youth website.