Teens' First Accounts at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union

It seems about that time: Your teen is slowly taking steps into the adult world. He's had his first real crush, he's getting ready for his first set of wheels...he's the king of social networking. But when it comes to learning about finances, he's just not there yet--or so you think.

And while you might think your child will learn all he needs to know about finances in school, don't hold your breath. And maybe you're not sure you'll be able to teach him on your own.

Let us help at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. We can set your teen up with his first debit card and checking account. Getting teens established with these tools can help them learn to manage money now--while the stakes are small--so they don't get into financial trouble later.

Stop by today and we'll help your teen with one of his firsts.

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