Go Green with e-Statements

When you go green at DEXSTA, you'll get more green back in your own pocket in the form of better rates and lower fees. If you're not comfortable with e-statements yet, start with one account, and add more as you become accustomed to going paperless.

Once you're comfortable with going paperless, use these options for greener finances:

  • Enroll in online access to all your credit union accounts.
  • Request direct deposit for paychecks, federal and state payments, and investment dividends.
  • Switch to e-statements for all your accounts.
  • Pay bills online, such as credit card, subscriptions, medical, and taxes.

Reconcile your accounts at www.dexsta.com by logging into DEXSTA@home. Just click on History/History Download for Quicken WebConnect or, consider a free online service that pulls all your accounts together, such as Mint.com or QuickenOnline.com.

Save paper on record keeping at home:

  • Create a "Statements" or "Records" folder on your computer's hard drive. You can also do this on a rewritable CD, an external hard drive, a PDA, cell phone, or online storage site.
  • Add subfolders, using the names you already use for your paper system.
  • Open your online statement.
  • Save it as a PDF or an HTML document. Include the name of the financial institution and the date in the file name so you can search for it easily.

However you store your records, use a secure Internet connection, and protect against spyware and viruses. Keep a separate backup copy in a safe deposit box.

Log in to Home Banking today to sign up for e-Statements.
Not signed up for Home Banking? Speak with a DEXSTA team member to sign you up today at (302)571-0522.