Personal Loans

A DEXSTA personal loan can help through the ups and downs of life. Decisions are made at the branch so you can walk-in, apply online, or call and have money in your account same day*. Checkout our variety of loan options:

Lifestyle Loans
Your Big Wedding day, A new baby or adoption, a little cosmetic surgery; A DEXSTA Lifestyle loan can help with these and many other lifestyle changes. All of these changes can be expensive, so save you money and pay overtime with a DEXSTA Lifestyle loan. Loans can be from $1,000-$25,000 and paid on terms from 12mths to 60mths.

Auto Repairs
You’re driving to work when “UH OH” there goes the transmission. Call DEXSTA and we can look to approve that $2,000-$5,000 to cover that costly auto shop bill. Take up to 36mths to pay back the loan.

Medical Loans
Medical insurance today is covering less and less. A DEXSTA medical loan is your answer to bridging the gap.

Pet Care
Dog, Cat, Bird, Iguana; your pet is family so when they are sick you spend to help them get better. A DEXSTA Pet Care loan can help you put Rover back in the dog park without you eating dog food for month.

Vacation Loans
Get going on that dream vacation with a DEXSTA vacation loan.

Short term “Whatever” Loans
Need money fast but don’t want to pay forever. A DEXSTA short term “whatever” loan is your answer. Loans can be from $500-$7,500 and paid on terms from 12mths to 48mths and anything in between.

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