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DEXSTA Federal Credit Union offers private student loans to help students and families cover the costs of college or graduate school. If you have a remaining balance to pay after exhausting your financial aid sources of scholarships, grants, work study and federal student loans, a private student loan may be the answer. The DEXSTA Private Student Loan is available to undergraduate students at an amount of up to $45,000* annually and graduate students at an amount of up to $60,000* annually to help pay for tuition, fees, room and board and other qualified expenses.

Features and Benefits:
  • Borrow up to $45,000* annually for Undergraduate loans, and $60,000* annually for Graduate loans
  • No payments required until 6 months after graduation
  • Take up to 15 years to pay back the loan
  • Reduce your interest rate by 0.25% when you elect to have your student loan payments automatically withdrawn from your DEXSTA checking or savings account
  • Receive a 0.25% interest rate reduction after 48 consecutive on-time payments
  • Interest rates are based on the Prime rate and range from Prime plus 1.75% to 9.74%
  • Loan fees range from 2% to 8%
  • A cosigner is not required if the student is creditworthy and over 18**. You are encouraged to apply with a creditworthy cosigner to increase your chances of being approved and obtaining a lower interest rate and/or loan fee.
  • Members may request that the cosigner be released after 48 consecutive on-time payments
  • There are no prepayment penalties which means that you may make higher monthly payments or pay the loan off at any time without penalty
  • Applying for a private student loan is easy and convenient through our online application, available 24/7
How to qualify for a student loan
The borrower must be:
  • At least age 18 or apply with a qualified co-signer**
  • Attending school on a half-time basis or more at an eligible college or university (our school list is provided in the application)
  • Creditworthy (having a satisfactory credit score and credit history); or you should apply with a cosigner who meets these conditions
  • A member of DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. If you are not currently a member, you will be asked to complete a membership application after you apply for your student loan. For information on becoming a member, click here.
Contact us at if you have any questions.

View the Truth in Lending statement for a Private Student Loan to learn more about costs.

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* Annual loan limits will be determined by the school using the cost of attendance minus financial aid.
** Or age of majority