Private Education Loans

Let DEXSTA Federal Credit Union help you with the high cost of education. Whether it is for you or your child, we can help you finance the cost the education through our private student loan program. The DEXSTA Federal Credit Union K-12 loan is for parents of a child attending a private educational institution. This loan covers costs at private kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools including those with preparatory, military, boarding, parochial and Montessori programs.
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Undergraduate & Graduate
Need money for an undergraduate or graduate degree from a college or university? DEXSTA Federal Credit Union private student loans can be your answer. This loan fills the gap between the cost of the education less any scholarships, grants, and federal loans already received.
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Alumni Advantage Refinance Loan
You earned you degree and now you just want those student loans paid off. We have the answer The Alumni Advantage Loan allows you to consolidate your existing student loans to one convenient payment. You may consolidate both federal and private student loans into one payment at one low fixed interest rate. Start saving today!
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Private Student Loan Disclosures

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